October 18 - 20

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October 24 - 26

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Ski swaps are great opportunities to unload your old gear and save some money on new ski and snowboard gear before the season starts. But let's face it: it's not worth a full day's wait just to get in!

That's why Level Nine Sports is bringing you Swaptober. We're giving you four ski swaps over four weekends in four different locations across Utah's Wasatch Front. No ticket necessary, and admission is free!

And with Level Nine's consignment program, you don't need to wait around all weekend to sell your gear; just leave it with us for the season to sell for you! You'll still make some money on it without the hassle.*

So find the location nearest you, and pick up new skis, boards and outerwear for you and your family. And if you can't make it that weekend, don't sweat it. There are three more to choose from. It really is Utah's best ski swap!

Skis for sale

*Shops will be unable to accept gear for consignment during the swap. Please take your consignment items in before the swap starts to sell them during the event. See below for details.

Buy and Sell

  • Downhill Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Ski Boots
  • Snowboard Boots
  • Ski Poles
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Outerwear

How the Consignment Program Works

  1. Drop off or pick up your gear at any time, free of charge.
  2. Fill out a Consignment Contract.
  3. When your gear sells, we take a 35% comission fee and send you an email informing you that you have funds to pick up.

Pretty quick and painless!

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